Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. (Photo: Lws & Clrk/Flickr)

Archdiocese of Mexico calls Trump’s immigration policies ‘migrant terrorism’

The Archdiocese of Mexico is out with a scathing editorial that blasts the country’s leaders for failing to take a stronger stand against President Trump’s immigration policies.

The editorial — which appeared in an archdiocese publication — said Trump’s order amounted to “not only the application of an inhuman legalism but a true act of terror,” Fox News reported.

Some highlights:

— “Our undocumented brothers are afraid, their children suffer a real psychosis, while the Mexican authorities are not able to act, they only make statements and promises; their reactions are lukewarm, they also show fear, and worse, submission.”

— “We do not see firmness in the defense of our sovereignty; we do not see dignity in dealing with our northern neighbor; we do not see effective strategies to help our compatriots; we do not see ability or intelligence in those responsible for dealing with this humanitarian crisis.”

The editorial shows a remarkably different response from the Mexican Catholic Church compared to the U.S. Church. While both American and Mexican bishops are on the same side — firmly standing with migrants — bishops in the United States actually benefit from Trump’s support on other issues such as religious freedom, abortion and contraception.

So they are less inclined to use incendiary language, for practical reasons.