(Photo: Bowsk/Flickr)

Vatican’s liturgy chief blasts ‘devastation and the schism’ of modern liturgy

A high-ranking cardinal who oversees the Holy See’s liturgy office has blasted the liturgical changes following the Second Vatican Council, saying that the Catholic Church had “abandoned her Christian roots,” The Tablet reported.

In a speech marking the 10th anniversary of Pope Benedict’s controversial decree that revived the old Latin mass, Cardinal Robert Sarah argued that Catholics promoting “modern liturgy” had reduced the Mass to a “simple convivial meal,” The Tablet reported.

“Many believe and declare loud and long that Vatican Council II brought about a true springtime in the Church. Nevertheless, a growing number of Church leaders see this ‘springtime’ as a rejection, a renunciation of her centuries-old heritage, or even as a radical questioning of her past and tradition.”

“…we cannot close our eyes to the disaster, the devastation and the schism that the modern promoters of a living liturgy caused by remodelling the Church’s liturgy according to their ideas. They forgot that the liturgical act is not just a PRAYER [sic], but also and above all a MYSTERY [sic] in which something is accomplished for us that we cannot fully understand but that we must accept and receive in faith, love, obedience and adoring silence.”

It’s no secret that the cardinal is a fan of the old-school Catholic Mass. Last summer, he caused quite a stir when he called on priests to face east when celebrating Mass. The Vatican had to take the extraordinary step of having the pope’s spokesman deny that changes were coming in what some had speculated would be the biggest liturgical change that the Church had seen in a decade.