(Photo: Aleteia Image Department/Flickr)

Pope Francis says he’s not going to preach to Trump

Pope Francis has drawn a line in the sand when it comes to expectations of his upcoming meeting with President Trump at the Vatican, telling reporters that they should not expect him to confront the American leader over his hardline immigration policies.

Speaking aboard the papal plane on the way home from Fatima, the Holy Father was asked specifically about the president’s politics on global warming and migrants.

“I never make a judgment about a person without hearing him out,” Francis said, according to AP.

As AP notes, the pope was asked specifically if he would attempt to soften Trump’s policies. “That is a political calculation that I don’t allow myself to make,” Francis said. “Also in the religious sphere: I don’t proselytize.”

The comments will certainly come as a disappointment to Trump’s critics. Pope Francis has been sometimes characterized by progressives as the natural antidote to the president’s fiery brand of populist rhetoric.

In reality though, the pope has refrained from entering the partisan fray, most recently during the contentious French election. Francis has also spoken of his desire to keep his private conversations with world leaders private. If the issue of immigration does come up, it’s unlikely we’d find out about it.

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